Personally, the first question I had when choosing a primary physician was, ” how do you feel about, and what do you know about nutritional health and natural health supplementation? If they scoff or get that perplexed look, I know immediately I need to keep looking. I work with many indviduals daily who have adopted the above philosphies, many of whom have completely turned their health around and now enjoy wellness as a way of life.

Health supplements and health and wellness in general are such a huge topic these days, I almost don’t know where to begin. Health is now one of the biggest topics on the internet, and the health and wellnesss industry is slotted to be the next trillion dollar industry according to analysts. Especially here in the United States, the general state of the masses is nothing to brag about. Obesity and chronic health conditions run rampant.

The good news is that we are now more aware of this fact than ever before in history. People are starting to figure out that carefully choosing the foods we consume, along with exercise and high quality natural health supplements are allowing us to regain our health.

The health supplement market is overwhelming, just walk into any of the many shops, I won’t mention names, and you will become dizzy with all the products and the new latest and greatest. The sales person will no doubt tell you everything they carry is the best available and you need it. When watching the news, what has been discovered only months ago is now many times negated, so much controversy it’s hard to keep track.

I would humbly suggest working with a doctor, have neccessary blood panels to determine your present state of healh, vitamin deficiencies, etc., to determine a starting point. Just taking handfuls of vitamins and health supplements is not effective and can be dangerous.

In my experience in the health and wellness industry, the best products almost always use network marketing or MLM as the marketing vehicle, in other words, the best natural health products and supplements are not usually found on store shelves, no offence to health food stores or their proprieters.

About Heribert Maloney

PA Sports Talk was originally the idea of Heribert! Heribert has loved sports all his life and in his young days he aspired to one day go to the Olympics to represent his country. Although that never transpired, Heribert always retained his love for sports and continued to train. After leaving college, Heribert moved into the banking industry and immediately knew this wasn't what he wanted to do, and so he set up his first gym in Philadelphia, PA. Since then Heribert has become a renowned speaker and advocate for health and fitness and regularly works with other gym owners to help improve their own businesses