We all face some or the other health related problems. Though we neglect them, they can cause high irritation some times. Most of the people suffer from the acid reflux, which is better known as ‘heartburn’. Most of the people all around the world face the heartburn. In alone America only, about 36% people have the heartburn problem.

Acid reflux is nothing but a common irritation of the esophagus walls after eating. Acid reflux or heartburn occurs when the LES that is Lowe Esophageal Sphincter fails to remain closed. A properly functioning Sphincter holds food and acid away from esophagus during the digestion process.

Though most of the people have this problem with some indication, it can be a part of some other large problem. The acid reflux is lumped into a larger category named ‘Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease’ which is commonly known as GERD. GERD is any clinical condition or change in tissue structure, which results from the reflux of stomach into the esophagus.

Reasons Of Acid Reflux
Many different factors can be a source of GERD such as decreased LES resting tone, impaired esophageal clearance, delayed gastric emptying, impaired tissue resistance and decreased salivation. Improper eating and drinking habits can cause the heartburn. Mainly smoking, large meals, fatty foods, drugs, excessive caffeine and tea cause the acid reflux. Also some hormones can lead to this problem. Also tight clothes, immediately lying down after meal or bending over can assist to activate the acid reflux.

Proper Diet
You can get rid of the heartburn with proper eating habits and diet. People suffering from this problem should try to have small frequent meals as an alternative of three big meals. Avoid fast food, as it is high in fats. These fast foods are difficult to digest so remains in the stomach for longer period so that more acid is secreted. Never overeat as eating too much will kindle the stomach to produce more acid.

It is a myth that beverages quickly flow through the stomach without affecting acid secretion. In fact, many beverages stimulate the acid production. These beverages are tea, coffee, beer, wine and pop. So control alcohol, coffee and tea intake. Maintain the upright position during and at least for 45 minutes after eating.

Also people who regularly face this problem should keep notes when the symptoms occur. As this will help in knowing the reasons of the heartburn caused by certain food consumption and activities. This will help a lot reducing the problem.

One most common myth is milk will ease the acid reflux. So many people drink the milk before sleep, which leads to cause the acid reflux in sleep. Drinking milk is a quick fix to the problem but not the solution of it. In fact, milk has a rebound action, which stimulates more acid secretion causing acid reflux.

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