Always try to be the best you can! The best mother, the best father, the best husband, the best wife, the best you! That should be the mantra for all of us, and to be the best you, you need to make sure you remain fit and healthy. Before you can take care of others we need to take care of ourselves, right?

Taking care of ourselves and becoming the best we can be means looking after our inside and external body, and that means adapting our diets (or in some cases maintaining a healthy diet), exercising and taking good care of our general health.

When it comes to training we don’t necessarily have to train like top-class athletes, but when we are working out we need to give the best we can each and every time. What does that mean? Well what we are talking about is working smart and not necessarily hard. You cannot work flat out each and every time you workout, because your body needs time to rest. But if you make sure every pushup, every squat, every bench press is done with perfect form, then you will benefit from that workout.

PA Sports Talk is your online support system to help you improve your lifestyle. We are a group of fitness fanatics, and we hope you will become one too. The more you love fitness, the easier you will find it to go and workout on those days when you’re feeling lazy, to pick up an apple instead of a donut when you’re hungry, and to drink a glass of water instead of a glass of soda when you’re thirsty.

OK, so let’s stop talking and start working. Are you ready?

Heribert Maloney


PA Sports Talk was originally the idea of Heribert! Heribert has loved sports all his life and in his young days he aspired to one day go to the Olympics to represent his country. Although that never transpired, Heribert always retained his love for sports and continued to train. After leaving college, Heribert moved into the banking industry and immediately knew this wasn’t what he wanted to do, and so he set up his first gym in Philadelphia, PA. Since then Heribert has become a renowned speaker and advocate for health and fitness and regularly works with other gym owners to help improve their own businesses.

Jens S. Andreasen

CHAIRMAN, PA Sports Talk

Jens met Heribert back in 2009 while he was a member of Heribert’s gym. They quickly bonded and their friendship has grown from there. With his financial background, Jens was the perfect fit to partner with Heribert when he decided to start his own health and fitness blog. Jens really doesn’t see PA Sports Talk as a business and more as a passion. Of course any successful business does have to have the right amount of finance in place, but if you’re passionate about something then you will always find a way to succeed…not just in business, but with your own health and fitness goals too.

Liva Lorenzen


Liza is a recent addition to the PA Sports Talk team, and heads up our marketing division. PA Sports Talk has grown so fast that it is now at a point where it’s too big for Heribert and Jens to handle alone. Liza has a solid background in sales and marketing, and combining this with her love for health and fitness means she is the perfect fit for the team. Liza’s background is in medical sales, so she has good knowledge of the body and how it works. Her immediate goal is to spread the word of PA Sports Talk and to encourage advertisers to support us, so we can grow even more and bring additional benefits to our readers and subscribers.


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